Monday, January 3, 2011

Writing Exercise: My Droopy Candle

     The paragrah below was an exercise in description about a candle.  It was written for the online class "Beginning Writer's Workshop" through Wake Technical Community College.   I enjoyed writing it; I hope that you enjoy reading it!
     I'm upstairs in my bedroom, writing by the light of five candles.  I journal this way and I like it--I feel close to my thoughts, in the semi-darkness.  The heat just kicked on and the air currents are throwing the flames about wildly--their light is flickering madly and it's making it harder to write and see clearly!  One of the tapers is much shorter than the others--it's been used much more often. It's a little droopy and the melted wax has dripped all down the side of the candle; it's even pooled into the well of the neighboring tea lite.  It makes me think of a stalagmite--the shape of the melted wax is so organic.  It's so weird, to think that something made of wax or even stone as organic.  Organic things ought to have life, no?  Oh look, the melted wax from droopy candle is just oozing all over the tea lite.  the wax is about to engulf the tea lite, like magma creeping over a rock in its path.  Soon the little tea lite will be encased in wax!  That's going to be fun to clean up!

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