Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cinnamon Marshmallow Frosting

     Wow.  I made marshmallows today.  From scratch.  And I didn't even intend to do it.  I thought I was making frosting.  Healthy frosting at that.  But when the frosting set, the texture was much closer to a marshmallow.  Cool.

     It tasted phenomenal.  Vanilla and cinnamon with a satisfyingly rich mouth-feel.  I think that this stuff would make great divinity.  I will definitely revisit this for Christmas-time!

     I have two cook's notes about making this frosting:

     1) I had to rig up a double boiler because I had to be able to use my hand held electric mixer to beat the frosting while it cooked.  It was  bit awkward but totally doable.  It consists of my largest sauce pan, an oven-safe ramekin, and my metal mixing bowl.  I filled the sauce pan with enough water to cover the ramekin.  The mixing bowl sits on top of the ramekin.  And then I put everything over medium-high heat to bring the water to a simmer. The mixing bowl got a little warm to the touch but never hot.

     2) The frosting starts out as an unappealing brown slurry.  Have faith.  Once all of the ingredients are in the mixing bowl, use the hand held electric mixer to beat it.  And beat it.  Keep going for 5 minutes; I set a timer so that I could see that there was an end in sight.  The brown slurry slowly transforms into a cream-colored, glossy frosting.

     I have no idea what the nutrition information is for the frosting because I didn't make a note of how much the recipe made.  I'll have to do that the next time I make it.  However, it is the frosting for my Apple Cupcakes (post forthcoming) and those are some healthy, delish cupcakes!

Cinnamon Marshmallow Frosting

Makes enough to frost 10 cupcakes


1/2 cup light brown sugar
2 tablespoons water
2 teaspoons dried egg whites, reconstituted*
1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar
Pinch of coarse Kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon


1) Fill the bottom half of a double boiler with enough water so that the top portion is sitting the water.  Bring the water to a simmer.

2) Combine the light brown sugar and water in the top portion of the double boiler.  Using a hand held electric mixer, mix the sugar and water until the sugar is dissolved.

3) Add the reconstituted egg whites, cream of tartar, and coarse Kosher salt.  Again, using a hand held electric mixer, beat the mixture until it becomes cream-colored, thick, and glossy.  It will take about 5-7 minutes.  Setting a timer is very useful.

4) Remove the top portion of the double boiler and continue to beat the frosting for another minute, to let it cool.

5) Add the vanilla and cinnamon and beat just enough to combine.  This frosting sets pretty quickly so have your baked good ready to frost, otherwise the frosting will be too thick to spread.

*Do not substitute fresh egg whites here.  The frosting does not set up correctly with fresh egg whites.

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