About Me

     Welcome to Incandescent Blue Flame!  This blog aims to inspire people and create an online community.  My name is Kim Winson  and I am 'writing, cooking, and being creative' in beautiful North Carolina.

     My goals for this blog are to:
          1. Provide practical information for writers,
          2. Share healthy recipes that taste great
          3. Suggest tools or hints that save money or make life easier.

     I am, in no way, a professional writer or chef but I am passionate about both.

Why and How I Started Blogging:

      I started blogging casually in 2008 because I was frustrated by the lack of healthy recipes that were affordable AND delicious.  I started collecting my favorites; a blog to share them with my friends seemed the next logical step. 

     When I discovered my love of writing,  it was time to expand the blog's focus.  I began writing essays, which has now expanded into official study with several online fiction classes.  As with the recipes, I wanted to share what I was learning with friends-- and the blog seemed the perfect place.

My Aspirations For This Blog:

    I dream of helping a wide variety of people with this blog.  Yet, I am always ready to learn.  I welcome your comments and feedback!  You can contact me by clicking here.