Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fun Foodie Links

   I'm getting ready for my fourth move in three years.  I really hate packing and disrupts my life so much.  The big day is March 17th and yes, I'll be downing a St. Patrick's Day beverage after it's all done.     I can't imagine having to pack and move with Children Who Are In School.  Bless the parents who have to undergo that torture.

   I'll be packing up my kitchen stuff next weekend.  Ugh.  In preparation for that, I've been cooking and freezing meals to last me through the move.  Good eats, like Chicken and Couscous.  And Chicken Pot Pie Soup.  And Beef Ground Turkey and Vegetable Soup (the post is in draft).

   While those posts are in the works, here are some fun foodie links:

1) Foodily: Food, I Love You.  A wikipedia of online recipes.  "Search for recipes from every website."  Many thanks to Jim for telling me about this site!

2) Zinfandel Guy Parodies Old Spice Guy.    Funny, but the Old Spice Guy has more mojo...and a six pack.

3) Cake Wrecks: Hilarious cakes that went horribly wrong.  Thank you Amber for turning me on to this site!

4) Hyperbole and a Half: Not a food site at all but ROFLMAO funny.

5) Freezerburns: A Triangle blogger who does awesome video reviews of all kinds of frozen foods.  I want his kitchen. 

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