Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eating Seasonably: A Produce Calendar

Sweet Potatoes * Grapefruit * Artichokes * Peas * Basil * Cherries * Butter Beans * Figs * Beets * Pumpkins * Celery * Cranberries

     A year of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables presented in a handy and very pretty calendar. That's what the Cottage Industrialist has gifted to us in her blog. For free. I came across this calendar in my Google Reader; sorry I can't remember which blog highlighted it. It was probably The Kitchn.

     What I love about this downloadable PDF is that it's an easy way to see what's in season for that month--and it has inspired me to try something new every month. This month I'm going to try parsnips. Yes, those ugly root vegetables. They look like ungainly albino carrots.

      I think I've had them once before...I seem to remember that my brother-in-law, a professional gourmet chef, made parsnips when I was visiting him and my sister last year. I also seem to remember that I really enjoyed them. I never thought about them again until my friend, Beverly, posted a parsnip recipe on her Facebook wall. She really enjoyed it and I'm going to make it this weekend. I'll definitely post about it! The recipe sounds delicious and I really look forward to trying it!

      Here's the link for the pretty, printable produce calendar from the Cottage Industrialist.

      Oh, the list of fruits and veggies above? It's the in-season produce for that month. Cool.


  1. That really is pretty! I love the info as well.

    (Also, I hope you like the recipe! Adjust spice and garlic to suit your taste. I like a lot of both, myself.)

  2. Parsnips are just fabulous! Love 'em roasted or mashed with carrots ... or parsnips & potatoes baked with garlic cream ... mmm mmmm mmmm. I even have a recipe somewhere for a parsnip cake, similar to a carrot cake. Haven't tried it yet ...