Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Splendid Table Podcast/MP3 Download

Hi fellow foodies:
I am still's ghastly how packing makes my life complete chaos. All of a sudden my house is three times too small because all of the things that were neatly in closets or on shelves is now in boxes...and the boxes are slowly eating up the available floor space.

I wanted to keep up the blog during this time of transition and I have yet another blog (sort of ) to direct your attention to...The Splendid Table. This is a weekly show on NPR and it is aural stimulation for gastronemes. This particular episode highlights a book called "The Vegan Soul Kitchen"...quite appropriate for my blog, no? I had no idea that soul food could even be vegetarian, much less vegan. I don't own the book but it certainly sounds intriguing, especially as the author describes the recipes within.

Click on the link, listen to the show...and listen to other shows in the online archives if you're hooked :)


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