Saturday, June 27, 2009

Spicy Taco Soup

Click here for the recipe.

No pic...I think I packed my camera already!

This post and the next three posts are going to be quick and dirty. I am still packing and moving and so time is tight, as well as room in my house, but that's irrelevant to this blog...

This recipe comes from the site. It is really good. I was surpised...given I wasn't too sure about the spiciness of the taco seasoning (mild) and the taste of the ranch style dressing mix (good addition). This is a crazy easy recipe...there's next to no prep work. I was worried about the actual sodium content, given that that's like 4 cans of various veggies in there. I ran it through the recipe calculator at the SparkRecipes site...sure enough, the sodium content was less than 600mg per serving. It fit my requirements.

Changes that I made: 1) 1 lb of 93% lean ground turkey instead of the ground beef 2) Regular diced tomatoes instead of the one with chilies included. I don't tolerate spicy foods. 3) Leftover black beans from a dish made last week, it had sauteed green bell peppers, onions, and a variety of spices. This was instead of the canned black beans. 4) This is not a change but an endorsement of the serving suggestion made in the is very good with cilantro and a bit of fat-free sour cream!

Next up...Healthy Hambuger Helper.

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