Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cream Corn Like No Other

I loved creamed corn when I was a kid. The canned kind, of course! I'm not sure if my Mom ever made creamed corned from scratch. She probably did, as she's a great cook. I just remember eating creamed corn practically straight from the can.

I was going through my freezer yesterday as I was figuring out my grocery list. I saw that I had a couple of ears of cooked corn in there, from Mom. I wanted to use them but I didn't just want a side of plain ol' corn. Off I went to search the website and came up with this recipe. Simple enough and I had most of the ingredients. I saw that it required heavy cream which would be a killer ,nutritionally, if this were a main dish. However, in smaller portions, like a side dish, it fit the bill. I went with it.

The ingredients are:
1) frozen corn, thawed
2) heavy cream
3) salt
4) sugar
5) black pepper
6) butter
7) whole milk
8) all-purpose flour
9) Parmesan cheese

The only thing I had to buy was the heavy cream. Yay! For the corn, I used a knife and ran it along the ears of corn to remove the kernels. Here's a YouTube video for demonstration: Cutting Corn Off the Cob for Smothered Chicken. No, that's not me in the video. I didn't have quite enough for the recipe but I used a purchased package of frozen corn kernels to make up the difference. I did a little taste test and even though both types of kernels had been frozen and thawed, I thought that my corn 'fresh from the cob" tasted better, even a bit sweeter. I was probably biased, though!

This dish is really easy to make and yummy as well! I have to remember to keep the portion sizes down, however, so I don't blow my calorie and fat intake for the day. That will be hard!

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