Sunday, August 29, 2010

An update

A new acquaintance of mine recently checked out my blog and subsequently said to me, "It's been a while since you've written anything on your blog."  I thought about it for a moment and replied, "Yeah, it's probably been about a year."  I've thought about the blog at least once a month in the past year, especially when I've come across an especially good recipe.  In all honesty, I usually thought of my neglected blog when I would catch-up on the other food blogs that I follow.  It was usually a guilty thought.  Which is strange, because there are no real negative consequences when I do not update my blog. 

The blog has fallen to the wayside multiple times since I've started it because it's a lot more time and work than I originally thought it would be.  99% of that time and work is my own desire to produce a good product that is true to my original goals--to share inexpensive, delicious, healthy foods.  So it's gone through a few iterations in format and writing style.  Some of my friends have suggested I include the cost breakdown of each of the's a great idea but in practice, it was simply too much detail and I was forever losing my grocery receipts.  That idea quickly died.  Another friend suggested that I always include a picture with my recipes.  I immediately understood this to be very, very important.  People want to see their food before they put the time and effort into making it.  So, now all of my recipes have pictures.  And I really enhances the blog.

The last problem was time.  I really wanted to update the blog once a week.  Sometimes I have the time to do that, sometimes I don't.  So my goal is to update the blog about twice a month.  I think that's reasonable and that turns out to be at least 24 recipes a year.  That's a lot and I'm happy with that number!  So, now to my newest post: Hand-made pasta.


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